DLUX Puppets offers both virtual and in person workshops instructing all ages in both how to perform and create puppets. We’ve taught our workshops at Theater Festivals, Performing Arts Centers, Colleges, High Schools, Performing Arts Schools, Summer Camps and After Care.

Virtual Workshop - How to make a sock puppet and bring it to life!

In this thirty-minute virtual prerecorded workshop, we teach participants how to make a simple puppet using a sock of their choice and other crafting materials from around their environment. We provide examples of how to create facial features to make their character one of a kind. We then instruct viewers on how to bring their character to life by learning how to properly make a puppet talk, walk and gesture. This workshop is recommended for schools, libraries and performing art centers wanting to provide supplemental instruction for virtual learning. Please message us for rates and how to access this workshop.

In Person Workshop - Puppetry Performance Workshop

In this ninety-minute workshop, participants will learn and practice the fundamental skills involved in “hand and rod” style puppetry. From starting with the basic anatomy of a moving mouth puppet to performing a series of exercises, participants will leave knowing the basics of what it takes to make a puppet come to life. Participants use professional practice puppets during the workshop provided by DLUX Puppets. Exercises with puppets include, breathing, walking, lip synchronization, and gesturing.

We offer a second ninety-minute half of our Puppetry Performance Workshop for those of high school age and older. The focus of this second half is on Bunraku, a traditional Japanese style of puppetry. This style requires three performers to operate one puppet. Working as a group the ensemble must be aware of each other and communicate by nonverbal means to bring this puppet to life. This workshop is more sophisticated in nature and perfect for team building and deepening ensemble work in theater.


Additionally, DLUX Puppets offers coaching for individuals and groups wanting to enhance their puppetry skills. From instructing theater companies of Avenue Q to coaching individual performers we’ve helped many enhance their puppetry skills.